True Friendship

We all have friends, i always believe that having friends are essential in the life of the person. The past days i was able to see how real friendship work. Friendship is tested in two events, when your happy you share your happiness with your friends and they celebrate with you, but when your sad, you get the same sympathy and affirmation and assurance from them. That means, for good times and bad true friendship will give you that presence and support. But sometimes this same friendship would be challenge, they say that for you to see how strong your friendship towards someone it needed to survive storms, to be tested by fire, but for some, they opted not to speak, to be quite, to speak at your back, but isn`t true friendship is about honesty and not back talking?, isn`t friendship is more of clarifying than judging? isn`t friendship is talking to the person upfront with good intention, rather than staying silent even if you know something. This are some of the points that challenges that concept of friendship. Friendship is also about trust, you talk, share insight, thoughts, secrets and problems with friends, and you do it simply because you would know that you are not being judge, nor tolerated, but sometimes, we are to eager and reckless to talk about stories of other people towards other people, my take is probably its fun to talk about other people, even sometimes we dont realized that we are hurting people, scripture says "love your neighbor", dont do to others what you dont want others do to you. friendship is such a political word, we can all be friends but not really, we can call each other friends, but sometimes it depends on the issue and situation. How i hope we can be more honest, upfront, trusting, confident enough to sincerely be friends with our friends without apprehension. Im glad i found some...

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