Faith vs. Fear

Fascinated with the story about the Old Village chief and his story about the two wolves. Everyday, we face choices in life, we are made to choose between two things, the Chief of the village once said that inside us we have two wolves. It would be interesting to know who wins? just like tug o war, always there is two forces pulling each other, to go to one side or the other, life is like that, we have choices, and choices that we do affects the way we live and the decisions that we make, but who really wins between the two? Answer is, DEPENDS ON WHO YOU WILL FEED! thats true, it depends on who will will feed, if you feed your fear, then you become a fearful person, but if you feed your faith, then you become a faithful person. Everyday, this reality hits us, and decisions that we do affects the kind of disposition that we have. It can either go both ways, then having said that, it would be good for us to realized that always, there are two forces inside us, and what we feed always wins!

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