Called to Love God and Neighbor

We are all called to salvation through Jesus Christ. We are called to be His followers, to be a witness, and to distinguish what is good and what is evil. We are called to witness, and in witnessing we get to show the world that Christ is very much alive and still relevant today despite the many question and issues with regards to morality. The commands of God has been challenge as well, the two greatest commandment is calling us to love God expressed in a manner that we love are neighbor the way we love ourselves, and by loving others we are loving God, not just to follow what is written, but to obey this commandment for us to find true meaning in our lives. But you look around and you see greed, corruption, inequality in dignity, where rich becomes more richer and the poor becomes poorer, there is so much poverty not only materially but more so spiritually. Many are victims of injustice that result to not experiencing what is due of them in accordance to Gods plan. There is lack of loving and caring. Veritatis Splendor is intended for us to be reminded of how it is to live in the faith once again, to share it in the community, and to understand how to follow God in a manner that is pleasing to Him. In the question and search for the faith and the ultimate good we point back to Jesus, which means to turn towards God who is the fullness of goodness who is the source of all truth and source of all morality, who is the same yesterday, today and forever. To follow the commandment if we truly want to live life to the full and to experience life in eternity. To love God with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We cannot claim that we love God but fail to love our neighbor, for love of God is love of neighbor. The Lord is calling us to follow Him and the commandment is there to guide us in that desire to live holy lives, following Him means being a servant to all. He himself has showed to us what servanthood is, He dined with those who are not accepted in the society, the tax collectors, sinners, and victims of injustice, God is calling us for true discipleship and witnessing by becoming servant to all. To be in communion with one another, to love the way He loved us, to imitate and live out that love for others. We are called for Holiness, we are created in the same image and likeness of God, then if God is holy, then we ought to be Holy, there is a call and reminder to acknowledge God as the Lord of all and to worship him alone for his infinite holiness, to be followers of His example, His words, and teaching. We are called to attain the highest good and for us to do that we need to focus and root ourselves on the teaching of Christ. Evangelization is the call to share Jesus through witnessing and proclamation, we are called to proclaim the Word of God with urgency and vigilance. Evangelization is very much relevant today, in the midst of world confusion, disorder in society and poor appreciation of the faith, we all need to point back to Christ, the world needs God. A lot of young/old people fail to appreciate and experience the faith that resulted to nominal type of faith, Sunday Catholics, broken homes, irresponsible way of parenting, all because those who are aware of the faith failed to live and share the faith. The good news should be heard by all, the proclamation of Jesus and His mission is intended for everybody, and the urgency of sharing the faith is the same when Jesus empower the Apostle and called them to follow Him, to live everything behind and follow Him, though the challenges might be growing and intensifying now a days, where the culture of death is roaming the earth, where there are new norms that are becoming accepted in the society, where there is less of God and more for self. We are then called to stand firm in the faith and to proclaim it in a manner it was proclaimed during the day of Pentecost. We need to be bold and convicted in the way we share Jesus to others. I can go back in saying that we truly need to point back to Christ. When the twelve are empowered by the spirit that eventually led to the conversion of many, they have shown a kind of boldness that each of us can attain if we truly surrender our lives to Him, that means, He can use us in a manner He wanted when we fully give our lives to Him, to rely in His care, to know in our hearts that He is the great promise keeper, that His desire is for the good of all. We are called to follow God, to deny ourselves, take up are crosses and follow Him. When we surrender our lives to God, we know that we can make the impossible possible. Jesus is sent by God for us to experience the goodness of the Father. We respond by being a disciple of God, by becoming a witness, to listen and to speak, to be a true Christian disciple and witnesses. We enhance that discipleship through the many encounters we have with Christ, in the Liturgy through His Word, The Eucharist and the Sacrament. It is in this encounter that we bring people to that same experience, it is important that we recognized that encounter we have with Christ in our lives for us to share this concrete experience with Him to others. The Lord is calling us to experience true freedom, free from bondage of sin, free from wrongs of the world, free from insecurities, worries and uncertainty. True freedom that only in Him we can find. We are called to live life to its fullest, to meet Christ, Share Christ and Live Christ.

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