Metro Life

Driving around metro manila would make you see different realities. For those who are catching up a ride and commuting, you will see the everyday struggle to look for the fastest, quickest, and cheapest fare going to a destination. For those who drive their own cars, you deal with the everyday traffic in the metro, and the unending challenge to get your way amidst the different vehicle, from buses, to cars, to jeepneys, you name it, we have it here in the Phils. But i guess, the most striking part are seeing poor kids roaming around begging for money and food. I always have a soft heart for this poor kids, for me, i felt that i have a duty as a Catholic parent to share whatever i have to this little ones. They are victims of injustice, and they dont deserve to be in the street, crossing big highways, and putting their life at risk. Everyday, we see the many faces of poverty around us. On the other side, we are a mall infested country, we can see one shopping mall to the other, from one street corner to another, you can see tons of restaurants that sometimes would bring you to confusion of what restaurant to dine. This are ironic realities we have, poverty at its highest, while the others are enjoying the perks of life. Whats the big deal here? that we cannot just have a blind eye and decide not to mind this realities. We are called to share and to care. Poverty is lack of sharing, poverty is the result of wanting to have more at the expense of the other, poverty is a result of deciding to be blind with the reality and needs of others. We can address poverty and the needs of others if we start to look at ourselves, and how the Lord has blessed us, and how we can be THAT blessing to those who are in need. I still feel that we all have something to give. We can all be privileged donors of Gods love, after all, we are first beneficiaries of this love.

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