Living for God

We are all called to experience life to its fullest. But when you go around, not everybody experience the Life that the Lord meant for us all. Let us remember, that we are all brothers and sisters, that we belong to one Father. And that we cannot afford to see, some who are enjoying so much of life, while the majority suffer. The least, the poor and marginalized. They are sons and daughters of God too. Now, the question is? do we need to look after them? i say YES! because we are called to love, and that same love is the one the our maker gave us so that we may experience the life that we are enjoying today. Life is so short, that we should be wise enough to know the right place to put our investment. Not on material things, but in the everlasting life. Today, may we all journey to a life that is more grounded and rooted to the one who is all loving and wise.

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