Left, right, straight...

Discernment has always been an exciting journey of discovering what the will of the Lord is for you. At the same time, it brings out the many good in new in that desire to search for what God has prepared. The challenging part always is the phase where you need to decide, stepping out of the boat, jumping in the cliff knowing that the Lord will be there to catch you, or maybe, putting that faith in you that you will meet the Lord at the end of this process, and you go out as a better person. We all have desires, aspiration, dreams. And all of those should be anchored on the will of the Father for you, or else personal worth and satisfaction might be hard to identify and experience. The Lord desire for us is good, He wanted us to be happy, and contented in life. He gave us people in our lives to make this journey of life meaningful and exciting. May we all be able to find Him in all the decisions that we do, may we be able to give glory to HIm in whatever path we decided to take, may we be able to give our all in every aspect of life we chose. After all, its all about HIm, and never about us.

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