God`s love is for free

Have you ever received something for free? Some say, “things that are good in life, comes for free”, would you agree? I remember moments, events, and circumstance that the Lord made me realized His abundance, and generosity. Having and seeing people manifest such reward made me more and more grateful to God. I remember in many instances that I have things for free, from the most simple, to the most glamorous ones.

I very much remember the very first time that we had an servant evangelism activity, where we cheap in some amount of money, and bought something out of it, and started to give it to every person that we meet. Some are wondering what it is all about, some would have a weird look in their faces, then when they here the word “because God`s love is for free”, you would see a string light flashing in their eyes, as if telling us, really? God is a God of endless generosity, He gives to His children what is due them, and when He gives, He gives in abundance.

Today, may we be able to recognized that abundance, God is giving, and He has always been, may we be able to respond to those generosity by giving and sharing to others too. May we be able to be Jesus to others, freely giving what we have, so that no one will be less amongst us. May today be an opportunity, to say, the Jesus love is for free. These I raised to you today, to share that gift to other, why? Because God`s love is for free.

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