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Another typhoon here in the Philippines, i am personally struck to watch the news seeing so many dead bodies in the street, Pag Asa (weather station in the Phils) said " that the amount of rain that floods the whole city of CDO in a day is equivalent to one month, imagine that! no wonder, at the end of the day, so many people died, homeless, and in the evacuation centers.

Who to blame? God? nature? or us? how many times will we learn from this incidence? how many times we would see families grieving for the lost of a love one due to calamities like this, how many times people would realized that we are stewards of Gods creation, and as stewards we should look after the gift that He has given, not waste it, sabotage it, and ruin it! what am i saying here? my point is, it is us that should be blamed! those loggers who never realized that they are destroying mother nature, and as a result, flooding! the miners, they are the ones who lavishly destroy the natural resources, not for the benefit of the poor majority, but for the pockets of the rich minority!

Come on, we only have one earth to live in, and after us are the children of the next generation, let us not deprive them of the beautiful creation God has given to all of us, i would like my own children to enjoy the beauty of Gods resource, i am sure you think of the same, let us not sabotage and destroy it!

CDO needs help, we have the opportunity to help, let us share Jesus to those who are of need!

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