Merry Christmas

Today we are celebrating Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

What is your favorite season of the year? Christmas has always been special, it is the season that we are all looking forward into, might be for different reason, some would be for the bonus or 13th month pay, others for vacation, while others to spend more time with family. We all have are reason for the season, you go around to the malls, park, and street, you would see the festivities, the eating and drinking, and the unending party from here and there.

While we are all overjoyed by the celebration, may we not forget the true reason for the season, the star of the night, the one that we are waiting for, the one sent by the Father so that we may live our lives to the full, in abundance, and in love. Jesus came, to save us for our sins, but i guess the deeper point that we have to realized is that, the son of God came, He is divine, but He make himself available to us, He just like us became human. God became man.

Christmas is a reminder of the gift Jesus is to all of us, may we be grateful of the teachings and lesson Jesus is teaching us by His coming. May it also be an opportunity for us to thank Him for the constant love He gave to us.

Today, as we celebrate, let us also say a prayer to those who are affected by the recent typhoon, the families who are grieving for the lost of a love one, those children who doesnt have their parents and siblings with them, people in the street, the abandoned elderly, the poor. Mat this season also reminds us that we are brothers and sisters, that we belong to one Father, and that we are accountable to one another.

May we be able to share this Christmas to the least, to the poor and to the needy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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