Shepherding the flock

“Something of great value the Lord has entrusted to us…”, these are statements that would make us realized a lot of things, and at the same time makes us more eager to serve God with our all, giving generously of our time, talent and treasure.

We are privileged to be Shepherd to our flocks, and part of that great privileged is to be mentored by such great God, the Great I Am. He has showed us how it is to look after His flock, He has showed us how to put value to the flock, He has showed us how to die for the flock. Our greatest reward is knowing that we have a great God in our midst.

We are Entrusted, and being Entrusted is a gift, and gift that we don’t even deserve, but God gave His all, so that we can have all, and being Entrusted is one way of responding for such great lives the Lord has blessed us with.

Let is continue to bring forth a life grounded to God, being a living witness, testifying about His greatness and immense love, and living a life worthy of His cause. Let us look after the flock with great joy, love and faith, knowing that He has done it first for us.

We are Entrusted!

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