We can live for the better

Everyday we are bounded with many things in life, busy with work, stuff to do at home, different situation we face, struggles, and victories, the many ups and down. You look around, open the TV, read the newspapers you would see the many realities the world face today. Many would seek that inner joy, would love to find their fulfillment in life, and be established in their careers. But a lot failed, due to focus, wrong decision, sometimes, greed comes along the way, that success sometimes is attained through the expense of the other.

Outside the premises of our homes we would see families not receiving what is due for them, poor dirty kids in the street, parents who failed to provide due to lack of resources, the poor and the marginalized where the ones who were victims of injustice, not because the Lord failed to provide, but simply because those who are well provided for failed to realize it, and failed to give, the poor suffers while the others enjoyed so much.

The challenge really is for us to acknowledge. We have a God who desires the best for us, we all have something to give, and we all are a work in progress, a change of heart and mind when it comes to the poor, and the blessing that we receive everyday would truly make that difference. If we get to realize that we have much, then we become more aware to share that blessing to others. We are all stewards of the gift that we received, we are brothers keepers, we are accountable and committed to one another for we belong to one God, and we share the same Father, we are brothers and sisters, we receive love, and we ought to share that love.

Today we have the opportunity to be that blessing, may this day bring us to that realization, so that others, especially the poor would experience the fullness of His grace!

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