Conquering Fear

We all have fears in our life, it can be fear of heights, fear of spiders, or fear of losing someone in our life, fear of not having food to eat, fear of not knowing what the future would be. A lot of the people today is fearful of so many things in their life, I myself is fearful of plane rides, turbulence, having moments of uncertainty. Sometimes I wonder how do we conquer all our fears and anxiety in life?

The gospel of Mathew about answering our prayers reminded me that God is with us, that He is always in control, that we can just knock on His door and He will open it for us, that we just have to seek Him, and He will respond. If there is one thing certain in this world that conquers everything, that is the presence of God in our lives, He conquers everything, that in our greatest weakness, He can be our strength.

May today be an opportunity to surrender those fears to Him. May today’s journey bring us to greater uncertainties in life, over the fears that we have we claim and declare that we have a great God in our midst, the high priest, the master, messiah, the lamb who has given His life for you and for me. The God who never seized to bring confidence in us. He conquers everything for us.

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