God is my strength

We have a mighty God, I think the best part of being with the Lord is to know that we have a great God with us, in everything that we do, in every aspect of our lives, we are aware and confident that we have a big God.

Everyday is a challenged to live it out, everyday is a journey in claiming that conviction that actually we have a mighty and great God. When we face situation, events, and realities that we face in life, we go back to the fact that we have a great God in us and for us.

Today, I have realized the value of that, being a missionary, made me more and more be dependent on God, or I would say, should made me more dependent on God, but the fact is, whether you’re a missionary, or a regular pal doing a regular work of 8 to 5, it is intrinsic to realized that live out, that God is with us, and He can be our strength and power, that He is in control of our life, for as long as we know how to surrender and give ourselves to Him.

Today, I challenged you to surrender, live out, and recognized that great God in your life, He is present, and He is with us, we just have to recognized Him in the everyday, present, mindful, aware, and involved in our lives. He is with us and He is our might and strength, the rock and our salvation.

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