Jesus Moment

Went to navotas last sunday to visit brethren that was hardly hit by typhoon pedring, the devastation also made me think of how they were able to survive, at the same time, reflected on the many things i should be grateful for.

Entering that place made me see even more the urgency to bring Gods work amongst the poor, they are deprived of what is due of them, while others enjoyed so much, they dont have a decent home, while others lavishly stayed in 4 to 5 bedroom homes, they dont have clean water to drink, while we neglect conserving water, they dont have nice clothes to wear, while we ignored and forget to thank God for we have more.

We are called to bring liberation to those oppressed, we have the chance, we have the opportunity to help and be Jesus to other people, but i guess, the real challenge is for us to reflect on ourselves and the way we live our lives.

Living that place last sunday gave me a rude awakening, i was disturbed, and questions fly over my head, brethren affected brought us to my car, and bid us farewell with a smile, as if nothing happened.

I wonder, if that happens to us? can we still smile? i have experience and seen Jesus at the midst of trashes in navotas, it was because of brothers and sisters who has showed me their faith, that still, despite what happen, God is in control and present in their lives, and grateful that they are still alive!

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