Went biking yesterday, wake up early in the morning to fix, prepare and get ready for a long bike, never thought that we would be biking that long, usually, we bike for 20K, and 3 stops for rest, but yesterday was different, we went to daranak falls, and momarco in tanay, i still remember the joy of the downhill, and the very tiring up hill, the 38K is a mix of up and down.

Arriving in daranak, we felt tired, hungry, and exhausted, so we decided to ask someone to cook for us, afritada, inihaw na fish, and vegetable for lunch, with kamoteng kahoy for dessert, and 4 bottles of coke, those food never tasted that good!after almost 5 hours of biking, i tell you, everything would taste really good!

Biking with friends is the best part of the sport, it was fun, its an opportunity to build relationship and the unending kwentuhan along the way makes the whole thing really enjoyable.

We end up in momarco after daranak falls at around 1pm. and decided to ask someone to rescue us, the heat is so bad that we cant afford to bike another 38K going back to antipolo.

The whole day is perfect, and i look forward to another biking weekend. But for now, i have to recover from the body pain!

Thanks biking buddies for a wonderful 38K of biking!

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