Sharing Jesus amongst the Poor

Human liberation is incomplete if it neglects to proclaim Salvation in Jesus Christ, we all have something to give, God in His infinite goodness gave us things to enjoy life to the full, while we are conscious of the things Jesus did to us and doing for us, we should have that awareness of sharing it to other people especially the poor, the downcast, the oppress. While we are called to give and help the poor, we have to be pure in our desire to serve the least amongst us, Its always liberating to help the poor, it is a feel good experience, while the deed is ok, but it is incomplete when we forgot to share the most essential of all, that is Jesus Christ, the salvation Jesus made available for us and for them. Liberation is not of material things alone, but liberation is knowing Him and the salvation prepared and made by Jesus for us and in us. Salvation should be shared to all, the way we lived, the way we deal with His people especially the poor makes us more and more mindful of the many things Jesus is doing in our lives. We have the task and the privileged to serve and be of service to those who are in need, may we be able to seize that moment of sharing what we have to others. I have been blessed to have serve with people who are dedicated in their desire to serve the Lord through the poor, it also goes the same with the partners that we have who have also recognized and have devoted time and finance in bringing about restoration in the lives of the Poor. May we be able to have that same encounter of Jesus, and in that encounter have that desire to serve Him even more especially to those who are in deep need, both of material and spiritual.

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