Just arrived here in Canada, wonderful trip, though we have experience some bumps along the way, but the whole trip generally is very good, great food as well in the flight, i think, i`m one of those traveller who find airplane food exciting, and actually enjoyed every bit of it (for as long as the turbulence is not that bad).

One of the things that really make the trip exciting is the immigration experience, i think, that`s the most accelerating, nerve wracking, and unpredictable moment, seeing the officer from afar makes you think of what he or she is thinking, and wishing that things will be well when it`s your time.

But those moments in the plane, immigration and going out on mission to a foreign soil are moments that you grow in dependence with God who is in control, when you learn to surrender every thing to God, you become more confident and trustful knowing that you have a BIG God orchestrating everything.

Looking forward for weeks of seeing the hand of God at work, and meeting people and realizing how truly great our God!

Thank you Lord for the gift of mission!

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