The day after yesterday

Just got back from a 3 day house arrest due to severe sickness. When your used of going in and out of the house and staying inside the house due to sickness makes you somehow think, how will i survived moments like this? but at the same time, it makes you grateful for opportunities of not going out of the house, weird and inconsistent i know, but i`m trying to see the value of every event and moment that is happening, and at the same time, finding the good out of it.

The good side is, i get to rest, spend time at home, be nursed by Grace ( thanks for having a caring wife ), and good time with reese ( though we haven`t played really ), diet is also good, ive been running the past 2 months and laboring so hard to get thinner, and i tell you, it only takes a 24 hours, 1 every 2 hour trip to the toilet, and your in great shape after!excellent:)

I thank the Lord, that finally im out of my sick bed, and back on the usual routines that im doing, mindful of the reminder of not over working myself, over thinking of the lives and problem of other people, and knowing how to handle stress properly, that way, i get to make myself more healthier and stronger...and ohh, to be careful with the food that i eat...

im back!

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