just realized how hard it is to really pastor people, having been in community for such a long time, i have seen people rise to the heights of their service and have also seen people went down and back to it`s old way of life, and letting go of the many wonderful insights and teachings they received in community.

im sure that one of the most painful scenario to someone who leads, pastor and mentor someone in community is seeing that person stray away from the life that we are giving him, a life where God is at the center, and the opportunity to live out, execute and share whatever it is that we are hearing and receiving, and by sharing it to others would even make us grateful for such gift.

but reality is that, people come and go, and our hope is that when time comes that one person wants to leave community and service to God in community behind, they get to still share and give the many opportunities of learnings and experiences they got in community..

as for me, can`t see myself not serving God in community...

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