Balance Life

When you study, for sure you will not fail. It has been a challenging week, with busy work load, time that i should spend with kids and family, and studying for the final exam in class. Sometimes i wonder how we to fit time in a day with so much stuff to do, but i guess, the Lord is teaching me proper time management, to be good steward of time and to maximized every opportunity to make the most of the moment we have. After all, life is all about balance. Only in well balanced life that we get to appreciate life to its fullest, that despite being hectic, tight, or busy, we still have time to actually say, thank you Lord for a wonderful day. Challenge today is to face life is positivity and enthusiasm, to face life challenges and reality with that confidence that God is with us. May we all offer this day to the God who is the source of all order and goodness. Let us appreciate the gift of work, school and family knowing that we all can have learning in all this. May this day bring about the best version of yourself.

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