Peak Experience

Give some moment to relived that peak experience that you have in your life, find time to write it down, and reflect on those moments…

I remember my own peak moment, experiences where I felt that im up there at the top of the highest mountain, saying “ life is so beautiful “, I remember the day I was told by my parents that im a gift, I remember my school graduation, my youth camp, my going fulltime missionary, my first mission abroad, my engagement, our wedding, the coming of reese my daughter in our life, I remember all of those amongst many, and I would caught myself into tears, realizing, this is how God loves me, this is God`s wonderful gifts to me. That when moments of trials, problems, brokenness comes, I would be reminded of this great things God has blessed me with, and finding the desire to find God in every circumstance I am into, and learning from it.

God is a God who delights in seeing His children happy and fulfilled, but I guess more than anything else, God`s joy is seeing us that we are HIS. That we are HIS! That through the many experiences, will be reminded of that life, God has blessed us to have, that everyday, I a manifestation of the great gift of life God has blessed us with.

May today be another peak moment and experience for you, may you be able to find that moment, good and not so good, positive or negative where you can declare and say, “Thank you Jesus for the life that who have blessed me with “ having that PEAK moment everyday of our life, the peak moment of having Jesus in our life.

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