Wet you feet

Do you remember the story of Peter, in the sea, with strong wind, and water going over the boat that they are into, can you imagine the fear, tremble, and moment of uncertainty amongst those who are in the boat. But can you imagine seeing somebody, from afar, walking on water? Wow, I can imagine how frightening it is. And having seen that man, you realized it is Jesus, and He is walking on water. While everyone is amazed, fascinated, and surprised, (can you imagine their eyes wide open seeing that), Jesus ask Peter to COME! And with tremble, fear and anxiety, He said, Yes Lord I will come, what do you think Peter is thinking at that particular time? While the rest is saying, don’t go, you might drown! Peter walk on water, and that moment, is a great privileged, can you imagine the eye to eye contact of Peter and Jesus, can you imagine the faith illuminating at Peter, can you imagine the intimacy of faith knowing who he is following. But along the way, he fell and drown, but the greatest part, Jesus pulling Peter up, and saying, why have you doubted?

Life is a walk in water, we have areas, events, circumstance in life where we are called to walk on water, to get out of our boats, to wet our feet, and to walk on water. We have to believe and recognized that Jesus is by our side. Many of us have our own dreams and aspiration, you want to get it? Achieved? Get out of your boat! Don’t be afraid to wet your feet. For your greatest desire to happen, you have to get out of your boat.

Wetting our feet is one way of showing how we believed in Jesus, knowing that He is by our side.
May today be a journey of faith, to walk on water, to wet our feets, and to make others see, the faith and God that we believed in. The God who is just and righteous. The God who is walking with us all the way. May today be an opportunity to grow that faith, and to make that faith more solid and firm.

Time to get out of our boats, to walk on water, to wet are feet!

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