Foot Washers

We are called to be of service to everyone, starting from our homes, people close to us, people we serve in community, people we meet at work, and people that we don’t know. Jesus has showed us how to serve and be of service, He has showed us service to the full, His dying to the cross is the manifestation of the service and love made available by Jesus to us.

But one of the most significant event of Jesus during His earthly life is the servanthood of washing the feet of His disciples, the way that He bend His knees for them, wash every foot of the disciple, and kissed them. Even to a certain point that Peter doesn’t want His master to washed his feet, for he is not worthy of it. But Jesus said, if you are not going to let me do it, you are not part of me.

I guess a lot of times, we are Peter, in denial of that love Jesus is making available for us, just like Peter, we find ourselves unworthy of that love Jesus is giving to us. But the most surprising and moving part is that, the Lord insist, and would want to serve us, the Lord and God that we know have showed us the kind of loving and serving that we should carry in are walk here on earth.

Just like Jesus, we are called to be FOOTWASHERS, to be of service to everyone, that every Christian should be footwashers, giving our all, and our totality in the service of brothers and sisters, in the service of those who are not experiencing the fullness of what the Lord has prepared for them, the poor, the lame, the blind. We are called to imitate and live out that call of servanthood, to be footwashers, and in this act of love Jesus did, may we be certain of that love and service Jesus made available for us.

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