His Providence

Recognizing the providence of God is a must! Everyday is an opportunity to get closer to God, everyday is an opportunity to be holy, just as the heavenly Father is holy. Every opportunity is an opportunity of grace and providence.

God is at work, everyday He manifest Himself to us, His actions manifest in many ways. For those who desire to recognized Him in the everyday of his or her life, in big and in small, in little details to bigger details. His providence overflows for someone who seeks, desire, and recognized Him in his life.

Everyday is an opportunity of grace and providence, while God is at work in the everyday, we also need to desire to seek Him and His ways in the everyday, that we may be able to see and hear and be moved by the many things God is doing and making in our lives. Not only in us, but in the lives of others.

Today, I thank the Lord for the many things He has blessed me to have, for both the positive and the negative, for the good and the not so good, for I know that His desire is for my good.

Everyday I desire to make God real to me, in my actions, speech, and disposition, so that more and more, others would see also the many wonderful things God is doing in their lives. May His providence be recognized in your life today.

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