Gods Grace of Service

It has been 18 years of community life, but over and over again, the Lord will surprise you of things that you dont even thought would happen in your life, from places that you go to, people that you meet, and opportunities that He allowed you to do and accomplished, from its highest to its lowest, the Lord never stops to affirm and bring joy in everything.

I thank the Lord for opportunities of service, for the trust and confidence that He brings, for the privileged of service.

Im humbled to serve the poor, and be with them in the journey of discovering the love of God both for them and to me, more than a privileged, it is a goft from Him, it is Gods Grace to have this great opportunity of seeing Him through the least, to be selfless, and to recognized the many bounty Christ is doing and giving in our lives!

Loving the poor is living out the Eucharist that we receive everyday!

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