Spirit is Moving

Attending the YFL summer house training made me recall those wonderful days that we are doing the shouts and those mission trips here in the PHL and abroad,series of sleepless nights giving talks and conducting trainings, those are good times! I remember how the Lord led us to sharpen that desire to serve Him with are all!

Now i look back, realized how blessed i am to be part of such great work of evangelization, i remember those leaders that have showed us the way to life that is dedicated to Him, the many opportunities of sharing Gods glory everywhere and anywhere.

The spirit continues to move, The God that leads the 12, is the same God that is leading us today, the spirit that is made available to them is the same spirit made available for us.

As we grow in age and years in community, we are seeing the new breed of leaders, younger, energetic, vibrant, and committed. We pass on and soar to greater heights, knowing that the spirit of God is with us!

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