Live Christ and Share Christ

We are called on mission. We are missionaries in every aspect of our lives. The Lord has made us with a special purpose, His desire is for us to be happy, for us to discover and enjoy life to its fullest. We are design to be like Him, we are called to holiness, we are created in the very image of Christ, and in that image should bring us confidence that we are great and wonderful in every aspect of life. We are called to live like Him, to witness and manifest Him in the day to day life, to respond in every circumstance the way that He would respond, to treat others the way Jesus treated us, in love and friendship, we are called to evangelized like Him, to witness and share the goodness and promise of the Lord, to share His works and words in every opportunity possible. He is a God of love and promise, and not only that He loves, He also fulfills His promise. May today be an opportunity to share Him to others and to witness and live for Him.

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