All things possible

When I started my ministry service in my community we only have very few people, few people who believed in the cause to carry Gods work having the charism of restoring families for Christ. I remember the very first conference that we put up, the very first gathering and the very first assembly, I vividly remember faces and names, because we are to small, and we can very much remember one another. I remember moments of doubts if really something can happen out if this group. As we go along, things are starting to unfold, I remember moments where people declare, affirm, and openly committed themselves to a life of evangelization and mission. It has been four years since then, everyday is a revelation, everyday the Lord never stops to affirm and make us aware that everything is possible, everyday is a reminder of that promise that He can make everything and anything happen. We have a big God, a God who knows the deeper desires of our hearts, the God who has created us, and made us perfect in His eyes, we have a God that is in full control and desires the best for us, we have a God who is involved in our lives.
Today, God wants to be part of your life, He wants to be involved, be consulted, be counted, today we have the chance to make things happen, and made things happen. Today God is offering Himself, are you ready to make Him present in your life today? And make all things possible, for we have a great God in our midst. With God, everything and anything is possible!

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