Going on Mission

What a great privileged seeing a lot of young people responding so eagerly on mission, the call to deny oneself, to give oneself, and to carry the Cross. What a great privileged it was to see many people just wanting to serve God without counting the cost. I remember the very first day that God has opened my eyes, my ears and my heart on mission, I remember moment where I felt I can do anything and everything, for I know that I have a great God in our midst, moment where I felt that everything is possible. I remember that moment of surrender and declaration that I have a BIG GOD, the God who is in total control, the God is one leading me to a path of total giving of self. It has been a decade and counting since that day that i said yes to Him, and it seems like it is the first day everyday, for the reward of mission makes you grow in excitement every single day of your life. We all have a mission to do, some are called to be doctors, while some are engineers, some are called to teach, while some are called to sail, some are called to build, while some are called to preach. We are all on mission, and our task and privileged is to speak about Him in everything that we do. For us to manifest Him in the way we live our lives for Him. We might be in the different plains of life, some might be on their mountain top experience, while others in their valley experience, but if there is one thing we have in common it is that God who we can never shortchange of His generosity and love, the Abba Father. Mission life is God`s gift to the ministry, our renewal is part of the gift, and being on mission is our respond to that life that God has blessed us with. Today we have the chance to be that gift and mission to others, may we grab every opportunity to share that gift and be that blessing to every single person
we meet. We have the gift, we are the gift, may we live out that gift by being a blessing to others.

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