We are all called to be molders of the future, the greatest privileged God has blessed us with are to mold our own children, to be pastors for the flocks that we tend, to be a witness to the people that we meet, to be bearers of hope and light, to those who are hopeless, and those who are in darkness.

I just remembered my parents, when I was a kid, they would always tell what is right, and what is wrong, every time I fall short and fall down, they would always pick me up, and give me lessons, and lead me to learning in things that I have done and experience, the best part is, they never stop to teach and to mold. I cant imagine life without those teaching and reminders. Know that i`m older, I get to value those days, of having and hearing my parents imparting values to me.

We are living in a very challenging times, where the appreciation of God is displace, where the value of family and life is threaten. We are at the stage of time, were immorality has reach a critical stage, where everyone wants fame and fortune even at the expense of the other, we have failed to recognized God through others.

Today, we faced those realities, but today also is a good time and opportunity to counter those realities, to leave a mark to those that we meet, to be Christ to others, today we have a choice, of doing the right or the wrong, today we have the opportunity, to be living witnesses of the risen Christ.

I raised the challenged today, may you be able to bring Christ to your family, friends, peers, workplace, and to the people that you just meet in the street, bus station, comfort rooms, and in the mall.

Today, may Jesus shine in your life!

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