Focusing in Christ in the midst of a chaotic and trouble world is the greatest challenge of all. Finding Jesus at the midst of a busy and career bound society probably is the greatest difficulty in many.

A certain once told me to be still, to listen, to find time, to focus on the source, to be with Jesus. I wonder what she meant by that, considering that I see myself having a regular dialogue with God in my prayer time, I spend a good amount of time adoring God in the blessed sacrament, I have devoted my life, building that relationship with Him. But over and over again, she would remind me about stillness, to be grounded in God`s presence in our lives, to be sensitive to what the Lord is telling us in that particular time.

A lot of times, when we talk to God in prayers, we fail to give Him the chance to speak, and for us to have the chance to listen, a lot of times we only say what we want to say, and fear to hear, what He wants to tell us. A lot of times, I would caught myself the one (only one) talking in prayer, and fail to hear what Jesus is telling me.

Being still, to keep quite, to listen, to let God`s spirit manifest in us. To stop talking, to freeze our minds, and open our heart, to allow God`s word to flow and manifest in us.
May today be a day of stillness, may today be a day of acknowledging the movement of God`s spirit, may today be less talking, but more of knowing and acknowledging the Great I Am in our lives, and in the lives of the people that we meet. And in that stillness, may we be able to be assured, affirm, and delight, for the words God manifest in us and through us.

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