God`s abundance

the past weeks has been financial tough!had lots of payable, and budgeting is a bit difficult due to unexpected expenses that is not part of the monthly budget, while i figure out what to do, i come to realized that the Lord has never actually deprived me of what i deserve, and in many times, He has showered me with so much in times of financial difficulties, and considering those moments, and seeing my two week reality, it`s nothing.

true enough, He has showed me how He bring me from one day to another, and the past two weeks has been a wonderful one, abundance from here and there, generosity of people from here and there...and truly, it has been a wonderful two weeks of depending on Him, and considering that couple more days before the next pay day, i still have more than enough in my pocket.

He is truly an abundant God, and if you remain in Him, and become more trusting in Him, He will take care of you, at the end of the day, He is God! and He can do anything that He wants, in a single command of His hand He can make wonders! and this week, that wonderful and mighty hand i have felt through the people/person that i met and encountered!

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