My take in the last election

after the election, a lot of people are trying to assess and give their input to the kind of government we will have under the Aquino administration, some are having a huge hope knowing and claiming that it will be a better future ahead, some are giving their forecast to how it will be in the next 6 years especially with the issues that is at stake (land reform, last administrations scandals, RH bill, and so on and so forth), but i guess more than anything else, it is us, the people of the republic that needs to do our part in making our country truly a productive one.

Manny Villar showed us how it is to accept defeat with all its humility, he has showed us what kind of servant he is, and he said " that he will continue to work with the same goal as he has promised in the campaign, to alleviate poverty, but this time in a different arena", win or lose, the focus and the want to serve is the same, i guess that is the kind of politics that we all deserve, a person that serves for the people, and not for himself.

so as we move to the next phase of the exciting history of our country, let us do our part, and share ourselves, with the common cause of making this country truly a place where God`s love and caring reigns! some (Manny Villar and Jc Delos Reyes) have done and showed us how to live a life for others, it is up for us to follow those examples!

Godbless the Philippines!and congratulations to President Aquino!

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